Brave the Winter Like a Champion

Schedule snow plowing service for your office in Sparta or Newton, NJ

Newton, NJ gets hit with snow nearly every winter. While some are prepared for the influx of ice and snow, others aren't. Unfortunately, if you're a business owner, this means either closing your business or risking the safety of your patrons and staff.

Take a different route this year and hire Tognetti Property Maintenance LLC for snow plowing service. Our team will plow snow away from your driveway or sidewalk so you, your staff and clients can come and go safely.

Call 862-268-1516 to schedule your commercial or residential snow plowing service.

Snow Plowing Newton, NJ

3 excellent reasons to take precautions against snow

In addition to residential or commercial snow plowing, we'll also salt your surfaces. We suggest getting this service because:

  1. It expedites the melting process
  2. Taking extra precaution minimizes the risk of injury
  3. You'll be able to walk or drive on your surface safely
Keeping your driveway or sidewalk safe is our main priority. If you're in Sparta or Newton, NJ or the surrounding Sussex County area, call now to schedule your residential or commercial snow plowing service.